1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    Went to pick up my IMac yesterday. While there I was checking out the new Macbooks and Macbook Pro.... I just had to leave this behind before I left.... the first one I did the guy working there hurry up and shut the browser off....

    Then I went to a few others and did it again and he didn't notice them.... LOL... Couldn't load it full screen because I didn't want him to catch it again....

    2008-10-18 03:24 AM
  2. sziklassy's Avatar
    hehehehehe... it;s silly that the drone workers at the Apple store are told to shut those off, LOL
    I once prayed to God for an iPhone, but quickly found out He didn't work that way...so I stole an iPhone and prayed for His forgiveness.

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    2008-10-18 03:51 AM
  3. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    They love us.

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    2008-10-18 07:57 AM
  4. heath_rox's Avatar
    ha ha ha nice one!
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    2008-10-18 03:25 PM
  5. bteamer's Avatar
    lol can't believe he just shut it off. Did he know it was you?
    2008-10-18 05:54 PM
  6. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    Yeah I think he knew it was me that did it.... LOL so I made sure when I did the other systems that he was busy with customers while doing it... LOL

    As soon as he went to the first computer I did it to I knew what he was doing as far as shutting down the browser.... so I acted like I was interested in the old Macbook as it was right in front of the new Macbooks... and when he was not looking I seen that he did shut it down... LOL

    I wanted to go back to that computer so bad and load it again! ehehheheheheeh but instead I went to others and did it...
    2008-10-18 06:17 PM
  7. iGuy's Avatar

    Did you set it to the Home Page?
    2008-10-18 06:34 PM
  8. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    Yeah that is why he shut the browser right down because he was going to show a customer something on that computer... LOL

    So I just went on my way and went to other new Macbook Pros because there were more people looking at the Macbooks than the Pros.... LOL

    I wanted to do one of their huge screens in there but didn't get to it... kinda hard to be quick at it in this neck brace I am in.... LOL

    The funny thing when I was doing it... I had my husband watching for the drones! LOL
    2008-10-18 06:41 PM
  9. z3r01's Avatar
    that's one lovely piece of machinery
    2008-10-18 07:35 PM
  10. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    Some may not like the new Macbook and Pro.... I just bought my Macbook in July... and I really was thinking of buying the new Macbook.... some don't like the shinny screen but I love the new look of it.... the design is rather nice.....

    If Apple would have teased me a little better with the prices I would have walked right out with one! Don't get me wrong I love my Macbook but really would like to own the new one!

    The new models match my IMac...... you never know with me... I might still go out and buy one.....
    2008-10-19 12:39 AM
  11. iGuy's Avatar
    Don't get me wrong I love my Macbook but really would like to own the new one!........

    ........I might still go out and buy one.....
    You & me both!
    2008-10-19 06:47 AM
  12. one1's Avatar
    Apple has seen a lot of MMI henchmen lately
    2008-10-19 06:48 AM
  13. bteamer's Avatar
    lol. I remember that post.
    2008-10-19 04:46 PM
  14. Chase817's Avatar
    Apple has seen a lot of MMI henchmen lately
    lol, i'm going to have to do this the next time i go to an apple store
    http://modmyi.com/forums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=303541&dateline=12514  03473
    2008-10-19 04:49 PM
  15. lillewis51's Avatar
    yea load it on all the iphones too. or make it a bookmark that will be even better
    2008-10-19 05:52 PM
  16. ajl917's Avatar
    This is almost as good as when people were jailbreaking the Apple Store iPhones with jailbreakme.com...
    2008-10-22 03:28 AM
  17. bteamer's Avatar
    I actually ziphoned one in the mddle of the store and set a theme on it. I glanced at as I left and some guy was checking it out. I cracked up.
    2008-10-26 07:26 AM
  18. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    2008-10-26 08:07 AM
  19. DoerrFan's Avatar
    I did this today, homepage on 6 computers was MMi
    2008-10-26 08:12 AM