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    Last week saw the release of the new Nokia ExpressMusic 5800 "Tube" - the iPhone "Killer", in my country of residence. The release caused a huge interest and sale. My friend bought the phone almost immediately on its release and so I got to play with it for some time. My first impressions are that the phone is actually quite good and beats the iPhone hands down in most cases even though it lacks the styling. It has amazing surround sound speakers, beautiful screen and almost everything that the iPhone still lacks. My Dad bought the phone, my bro is planning to dump his iPhone for that and I am quite tempted too.

    Anyone else had the chance to see/play with this mobile? Share your experiences here.
    2008-12-16 05:16 PM
  2. saifeeab's Avatar
    an update: after a few days of playing with my dads Nokia i have to say that this phone somehow lacks the WOW factor. it has all the features which we can all still dream of in the iPhone and yet I am not very impressed (ofcourse it costs less than half of an iPhone!!). The phone doesnt feel sturdy like some other touch phones in the market and even the touch interface needs more.....

    i think i will wait for Nokia to release something more substantial in a N-series release, maybe.
    2008-12-21 10:20 AM
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    well im going to england/Scotland/Ireland/hongkong late next year and i cant w8 to get a n97 in hong kong.
    thats where i got my first 4gb from
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    2008-12-21 12:20 PM