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  1. TOXiN's Avatar
    yea man every single one of my songs i got on my itunes that i bought.. they dont even allow to be turned into ringtones.. also.. the many ringtone uploaders dont work for me.. what a waste of time .. bahh! ><
    2007-09-12 12:46 AM
  2. antiflash's Avatar
    Check out THIS WIKI for details on making ringtones and uploading them back into itunes. it takes some work, but it's worth it to have tons of FREE ringtones
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    2007-09-12 12:49 AM
  3. darngooddesign's Avatar
    They got rid of that hack in 7.4.1. However you can download a simple Audio editor and FTP the ringtones to your phone for free.
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    2007-09-12 12:25 PM