1. Donut204's Avatar
    Since i'm new and not allowed to post in the B/S/T i figured i'd just start asking here.

    I've got my own iphone, but i'm planning on getting a few more for family in different countries. I'm having a hard time believing this website is legit. (3G 16GB Apple iPhones - $315 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free))
    What do you guys think?
    2009-05-17 09:09 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    No chance in hell I would send that guy any money.
    2009-05-17 09:12 PM
  3. ALL DAY's Avatar
    If it sounds too good to be true, 99% of the time it is.
    Respect your elders.
    2009-05-17 09:19 PM
  4. soulthoughts's Avatar
    Hah! The boxes even look fake.
    2009-05-20 12:27 AM
  5. BarcaMagic's Avatar
    2009-05-20 01:14 AM
  6. bteamer's Avatar
    LOL! DOesnt everyone know that only real women know how to handle a stick?
    As long as Miguel can blow...he's straight.
    I dread that first dusting of the white stuff.
    ready for a romp buddy? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    2009-05-20 01:49 AM
  7. BarcaMagic's Avatar
    Hahahahah. I love it.
    2009-05-20 02:02 PM
  8. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
    I dunno, in the description he states "These are not fake" lol
    2009-05-26 08:26 PM
  9. subtard's Avatar
    Why not be safe and by one from a retailer?
    2009-05-27 05:28 AM
  10. iSilv3r7's Avatar
    Scam, too good to be true
    2009-05-27 11:01 PM