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    hey all...i just went on a recent trip to France....Paris and Corsica (island). and before i went i had to get a plan for using the iphone in europe. There are 3...and i got the Free one which is the ability to use it in france...no discounts.

    free. )

    calls = 1.50 a minute or so
    Data = 10c per /kb.....THATS INSANE
    sms = 50c to send..and 10 to recieve i believe

    get the second plan which is a voice plan and you get

    Pay 5 dollars a month. ( have to call and cancel otherwise it will keep billing)

    calls = .99c a minute

    data/sms are same

    get the 3rd plan *world travelers plan* (iphones only) i think..because you get Data/voice discounts

    voice - 99 cents a minute
    data = u get a 20mb plan
    sms. - you dont get charged to recieve..it just uses ur regular sms plan and to send i think its cheaper..if not free..

    other then that i got home to a 300 dollar bill haha

    france is awesome...i took 800 pictures...bored?..go check france out i went there for a wedding. sister got married...

    2007-09-24 01:14 AM
  2. Kitsune's Avatar
    Until I checked, I thought you meant 800 pictures on your iPhone. Jaw dropping kind of statement :P
    2007-09-24 04:00 AM