1. lil sin's Avatar
    has anyone tried any of these iclones. i would like some non biased thoughts on them compared to the iphones. i hear they are okay but they go bad after a few years i thought about getting one to compare it to my iphone but i didnt know if its worth my cash.
    2009-09-05 09:53 PM
  2. Zeal's Avatar
    Why would you waste ur money?
    2009-09-05 09:58 PM
  3. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    ^ +1, everything I have read is that they are junk.
    2009-09-05 10:10 PM
  4. sursture's Avatar
    Well.... if you want to give Granny an iPhone they may do.... but all they are is cheap iPhone look alikes.
    Most of them do not have wifi.
    Apps do not exist/work with them.
    Not compatible with iPhone SW/FW
    Upside - some have 2 sim slots... but who needs that (in my opinion better to have 2 phones)

    I would rather buy a 1G iPhone with 4gig.... says it all
    Do hope that helps


    **uoʇʇnq sʞuɐɥʇ ǝɥʇ ʇıɥ puɐ puıʞ ǝq noʎ pǝdןǝɥ sɐɥ ǝuoǝɯos ɟı**

    2009-09-05 10:24 PM
  5. lil sin's Avatar
    well guess ur right i thought maybe just to compare but i think ill spend it on som more apps for my iphone already.
    2009-09-06 12:53 AM
  6. Zeal's Avatar
    Yeahhh exactly.
    2009-09-06 01:12 AM