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    DICE said it's terribly optimized at the moment, so by release day it should run better. The 1000 bullets it takes to kill someone has me swearing at the screen 90% of the time; "WHY ISN'T HE ****ING DEAD!" (every Battlefield game is like that, ugh), so I just play hardcore mode which is a Godsend.
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    2010-02-16 08:37 AM
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    my name is tanner i am addicted to mw2 i wish to have tenth becuz most of my friends do soo i was hoping u would give me tenth add me and message when tenth i would like it anytime this week
    2010-05-18 01:15 AM
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    dumbest first post
    u made an account just for this.

    thread closed
    2010-05-18 01:18 AM
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