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  1. deemacdee's Avatar
    I saw somewhere on here that someone was having one but his xbox got banned i have a jtagged xbox which is basically unbannable unless i do something stupid so to the point im hosting a lobby feb 5th at 8 pm EST Ill take 1600 ms points or $10 paypal only reason i charge because after i do the lobby there is a risk of my live account being banned if someone reports me and no one would pay to have someone banned which is probably how yosnowmans account got banned.
    2010-02-04 04:57 AM
  2. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    you're posting from the same verizon ip address as yosnowmans, please only register one account and stick to one thread for the topic.
    2010-02-04 05:03 AM