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    Hey guys,
    I havn't been on here for a while, but some time ago, I think almost a year ago I put up a thread on some other forums with my link on it. I have made many more songs since then and uploaded some on myspace. I still have a lot more but I'm not going to upload them till I perform them at school :P.
    Anyway can you guys please check out what I have up so far and give constructive critisism, please don't hate without telling me how to improve, keep in mind that I am just 14 years old and I don't have a manager or a producer, the lyrics are all mine and I find the instrumentals on the internet. Btw this is hip hop and rap music so if its not your kind of music don't hate.

    My Link

    Lonely Valentine - Hook by someone on soundclick but the verses are me
    July 12 '95 - All me
    Climbin to tha top - Hook by me, first verse by me, second by a friend, third by another friend
    Politically Incorrect - All me
    Scream - All me
    Lucifer - First verse by me, second by friend, third by another friend
    How I spit (old song) - All me
    Made to be (old song) - All me
    Just press play (old old oldddd song) - Hook by me, first verse by me, second by a friend

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    YO i started rappin
    check it, and spread tha word
    2010-03-04 10:05 PM