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    2010-04-18 04:00 PM
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    Don't be mad but sounds like a scam. You don't have any pictures to prove you have the item at all with your screen name in it.Post some pics.
    2010-04-18 04:06 PM
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    Scams aren't allowed on these forums! Read the forum rules! Your 1st post? Epic fail. Prove us wrong with pictures.
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2010-04-18 05:51 PM
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    iPhone 4, Yellow Custom Glass, 32GB, 4.3.3, non-working home button. And a prototype iPhone 4 White.
    Main Computer:MacBook Unibody Plastic, 2.26GHZ, 4GB RAM, 250x2GB, Red glowing Apple.
    Water Damaged iPhone? Don't throw it away; iPhone Motherboard washing tutorial!!! (PM me I will do it for you)
    2010-04-18 06:41 PM
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    Guess that 1 person that bought a ticket is the winnnerrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    2010-04-18 07:12 PM
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    waiting for a mod to ban this person and /thread.
    of course its his first post. the only reason he created this account WAS to make that post.
    2010-04-18 08:01 PM
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    2010-04-18 08:36 PM
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    lmao at pic
    2010-04-18 09:30 PM
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    2010-04-18 09:34 PM