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    I bought a 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5S Special Edition. I haven't had the car for 2 weeks yet and a couple of days ago I get the "Service Engine Soon" light. I had my girlfriend drop the car at the dealership so they could fix the issue. I get a call today telling me that the Camshaft sensor needs replacing and that it will cost $485.

    They told me that it's not covered under their 2 month warranty thing. I didn't buy a warranty through BMW but I bought one from my credit union. I don't want to use the warranty from my credit union because they should fix this at no cost.

    What should I do? I refuse to pay and will threaten to return the car if they don't fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    P.S. I will try to call the corporate office and file a complaint.
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    2010-05-04 04:47 PM
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    Thats kinda BS. I wouldnt pay, and Im the type of Ahole that would return the car if they wont take care of it.
    2010-05-04 04:50 PM
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    Just got off the phone with the guy that sold me the car. In response to me saying I would return the car he stated I can't. I have all the paperwork and nowhere on that paperwork or invoice does it state that it was sold to me "as-is".

    I can fix this myself in 10 minutes but I'm not going to mess around with the factory warranty that's left in the car. I bought a warranty through my credit union and he had the audacity to say "why don't you use that to fix the problem". Uhhhh No! Even though I don't pay a deductible I'm not going to use it. So frustrating. On the plus side the loaner car is a 2010 Chevy Suburban. That car is a tank. I'm still mad though.
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    2010-05-04 05:34 PM
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    Well, thats about a $50 part. I would tell them that, do it myself and tell them where to stick it.

    PS- And I would see if there was any way of returning the car...if not, I would find some way to give them alot of bad publisity.
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    2010-05-04 05:37 PM
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    If I mess around with the car wouldn't Nissan know. The engine is encased in plastic. I heard it can cause problems when I take it into the dealer to get service.

    CPJR I know man. I can go anywhere online and get a tutorial with pictures and then go to Autozone to have them clear the code for me for free. I'm getting this done though them though. I have to call BMW corporate. Hopefully they'll give a flying **** even though I didn't buy a Beemer.
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    2010-05-04 05:39 PM
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    I'd be surprised if it's not in the fine print that the car is 'as is.' It's pretty much assumed that when you buy a used car, it's 'as is.'
    2010-05-04 07:11 PM
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    refuse to pay, thats how i roll
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    2010-05-05 12:06 AM
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    I talked to the manager and he stated he would give me a $150 reimbursement. I got the car fixed this morning and will be going back to them. When the hood was popped I noticed they forgot to put the Engine Cover back on. I'm demanding a free car wash when I go back!

    The car is fixed so that's good.

    By the way I paid $50 for the part and $60 for the labor. I told my mechanic to write a receipt for more so I could get the full $150 reimbursement. Boo Ya!
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    2010-05-06 06:21 PM