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    Ok...well I know that I try to be a guide on here and help you guys out with issues, but I've got one for you guys that's a little...different.

    Let me start it out at the beginning. My girlfriend is in marching band, and we have been together for about 7 months know. She knows I'm kind of a geek and a nerd in some regards, and she loves it, she goes to all my shows for my band, we chill all the time...yada yada yada. I don't want to bore you guys with our relationship. But we recently had a fight over something I've loved since I was a kid.


    I recently came across my old GBC, which is awesome, because my gameboy pocket has sticky buttons and I don't like playing stretched screen on my GBA. And such, it was time to play Pokemon (Pokemon Gold to be specific). So, I was chilling in my room just playing my pokemon. Then, something awesome happened I'm on my way to the Bug-Catching contest (I needed the Sun Stone, sadly theres no other way to get it). As I entered the park, I got into a battle in the grass.

    Most people would have "Run" away from such a small fight. A pidgey. But when this Pidgey appeared, I'm glad I was looking because the volume was down, this wasn't just a Pidgey. This was a Shiny Pidgey. If you've played pokemon, you know why this is such a big deal. This NEVER happens. So I'm working down this Pidgey little by little, I put it to sleep with butterfree and was slowly ticking at its health, then...it happened.

    My girlfriend ran in the room crying about how she didn't get Center Marimba in marching band (it's like being a first-chair trumpetteer, or a quarterbacker, you know) and she comes up and hugs me. I set the gameboy down, hoping that it doesn't turn off, and hold her for a good minute. She starts crying and explaining to me what happened, and I decide that I should just go ahead and catch that Pidgey. I pick up my gameboy to see the battle is still going on and right as I'm about to use my third and last great ball (I didn't stock up on balls beforehand because you have to use the Sport Ball or whatever in the bug-catching contest), she explodes.

    "You care more about your damn games more than you do about me and my feelings!" At this point, she snatched the gameboy out of my hand, and held it behind her, I didn't see the result of using the ball, so I was freaking that she gave it back to me. "If you cared about me like you cared about this game, you would actually be listening to me instead of ignoring me. This is why you aren't a good ******* boyfriend." Then...

    She threw my ******* gameboy...across the room.

    I scrambled over too it, but I was too late. The batteries popped out when it hit the wall. The Pidgey was gone.

    The Pidgey was gone.

    About to break into tears, I threw her out of my house, cursing at her all the way about how she never cares about my happiness (she does, I was just pissed) and she told me if I ever wanted to listen to her, I should call her and we could work things out.

    So my friends...is it worth calling her and fixing this, or does she deserve to rot for ruining...what could have been?
    2010-05-26 06:14 AM
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    I......................got nothin.
    2010-05-26 06:17 AM
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    Ummmmm, wow. I am a huge gamer but sometime you will learn that real life and gaming are on a different level. I mean I love gaming but my relationship is beyond that. My gf understands that and doesn't mind me being a gamer because sh know I will still put life in front of gaiming. It is just a game. Real life is real life. There are no restarts, saves, pause, or anything. I am just saying there are no "real" second chances with life, make what you have count and who is in it with you count.

    How would you have felt if something major happened in your life and you went to her for comfort but instead she ignored you for her hobby? (Yes I said hobby. Unless you are in game design, programming, reviews, writter, etc it is just something that makes you happy and you are not getting paid for it.)
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    2010-05-26 06:25 AM
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    How would you have felt if something major happened in your life and you went to her for comfort but instead she ignored you for her hobby? (Yes I said hobby. Unless you are in game design, programming, reviews, writter, etc it is just something that makes you happy and you are not getting paid for it.)
    First off, no offense whatsoever. Nostalgia is my hobby, not gaming. I LOVE nostalgia.

    Secondly, that's happened. It always seems to be me supporting her. It's just unfortunate that the straw that broke the camels back was a Shiny Pidgey instead of a nice little fight about grades or parents or future plans.
    2010-05-26 06:43 AM
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    I am just saying. Catching that Shiny Pidgey is not something that you are getting paid to do. So it falls into a sort of hobby. It may not be your main hobby but playing a game is one of the many hobbies you have.

    If she has done it to you then talk to her about it. If you guys can't get settle then it is only a high school(?) relationship. Most times those are a "dime a dozen". Sometimes they last forever though so talk about it. But don't let something like a game ruin a piece of your life.
    2010-05-26 06:51 AM
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    For what its worth.....

    You'll learn as you get older whats really important in life....and its not a game, or a hobby, or a car, or anything materialistic like that.
    2010-05-26 06:56 AM
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    Your post got closed on iPod touch fans because of trolling. Hopefully you'll just do what I said man, it's the best thing believe me.
    2010-05-26 07:05 AM
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    I am starting to lean towards no amount of advice will change anything. Like the reply to me. Sounds semi like you are not leaning towards wanting advice but just to vent about something. CPJR pretty much nailed it right on the head. Material things compare nothing to connections in life with people. Donnie Darko has a spot in it with him saying something about being afraid to die alone. But if you have connections with people then you will never really die alone.
    2010-05-26 07:18 AM
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    Sounds to me like there are bigger issues than pokemon. Pokemon just brought it to the surface.
    2010-05-26 07:44 AM
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    This is hands down the best thing ever written on this site.

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    2010-05-27 04:21 AM
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    2010-05-27 04:28 AM
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    Cool story, no matter how it turns out. What could have been????
    You will know if she is worth it or not. Your heart will tell you.
    I laughed, I cried, great story non the less.
    2010-05-27 04:37 AM
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    Lol, agreed. Right next to the "make me a app for .35 cents" thread.

    Even better now being a sticky.
    2010-05-27 04:38 AM
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    OP is a troll. Seen this story about 10000 times. Especially on a certain chan site.
    2010-05-27 04:45 AM
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    Obvious, troll is obvious.

    Shiny Pidgey | Know Your Meme
    2010-05-27 04:46 AM
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    If you see a Shiny Pidgey, hide your gameboy if you see your girlfriend crying.

    Wow...sounds like a curse itself. Well written story.
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2010-05-27 04:54 AM
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    On one hand, this makes me feel old, and a little sad.

    On the other, I'm so glad I dont have to deal with emotional teenage drama anymore.

    Next time, hit the "pause" button when the woman is upset. Its a rule in the Men's Relationship Handbook that keeps getting pushed higher and higher to the top of the the list. Sometimes its a very difficult rule, but in the end... it will save your sanity.
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    2010-05-27 04:57 AM
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    The handbook is very important. It has saved generations of men from the wrath of women.

    An example rule: They are always right. No matter if you are actually right it will save you far more time and frustration just to agree they are. (The only possible winnable situation of being right is if you have video proof. Even then you may still not be able to win.)
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    2010-05-27 05:00 AM
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    Dude. You pick pokemon over poon?

    Ladies and gentlemen: Do we have a straight jacket?
    2010-05-27 05:09 AM
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    Hahah. Epic post.
    2010-05-27 05:11 AM
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