1. FreeApple's Avatar
    How do I enable the HTML code for the forums and such? I need some help! Thanks
    2010-07-29 04:02 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    You don't.
    2010-07-30 06:56 AM
  3. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
    I couldn't figure that one out.
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2010-07-30 07:00 AM
  4. Zeal's Avatar
    2010-07-30 07:00 AM
  5. ikesmasher's Avatar
    2010-07-30 03:07 PM
  6. FreeApple's Avatar
    You don't.
    I see the "html code is off" on the bottom screen and I want to be able to use it for my signiture for paypal donation link. I see others have this option how do I do so?
    2010-07-30 08:46 PM
  7. dazzer1983's Avatar
    No one wants to donate to you
    Hit Thanks if i helped
    2010-07-30 09:14 PM
  8. FreeApple's Avatar
    Thanks bro appreciate that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
    2010-07-31 12:01 AM
  9. ikesmasher's Avatar
    you would use [URL] tags and put an image inside them. i dont know the details.
    2010-07-31 04:26 AM
  10. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
    Nope. That would be [IMG] tags.
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2010-07-31 04:28 AM
  11. ikesmasher's Avatar
    what he wants a URL thats an image. so he would put the image tags somewhere inside the URL tags, although im not quite sure where
    2010-07-31 04:30 AM
  12. Cowboy's Avatar
    You could do a URL image could be a link to the paypal account
    2010-07-31 04:33 AM
  13. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    no html.
    2010-07-31 10:55 AM
  14. FreeApple's Avatar
    iAM CONFUSED .....this is weird and just dont seem right
    2010-07-31 01:19 PM
  15. ikesmasher's Avatar
    [ url=destinationURL][img]grapicURL[/img][/url]
    2010-07-31 03:52 PM
  16. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Forums use BBCode.

    Websites use HTML.

    The code pasted above by various folks is standard BBCode to do what you're asking.
    2010-07-31 09:56 PM
  17. FreeApple's Avatar
    Oh ok....i get it now! thanks Kyle i appreciate the help

    No one wants to donate to you

    and phantom 21 for thanking the post. I was going to let it go. but Iam in a bad mood right now and really dont give a **** anymore!

    U guys are dooshbags! Probally steal every theme you can!

    get real I have people sending me money before the theme is even close to being done! LOL I make more doing this then you do sucking ****!

    sorry Kyle did not mean to get all flusterd but cmon there is no need for ppl to be that ignorant! So I set em straight!
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    2010-08-01 07:23 PM
  18. bblaser68's Avatar
    still havent got yer sig right

    OK, lets try this, IRONING (searching) nope, HOUSE WORK (searching) nothing , LAUNDRY (searching) zip ,So much for the slogan "THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT"
    2010-08-01 07:41 PM
  19. FreeApple's Avatar
    nope and its very aggravating! I have spent endless hours creating themes for the community and I cant even figure out how to do somthing so simple!

    I am used to html and photoshop will save an image in html for me, but this is the first I have ever had to deal with BBCode so it is confusing
    2010-08-01 08:06 PM
  20. ikesmasher's Avatar
    PM or VM me a link and ill give you the code. or try to.
    2010-08-01 09:45 PM
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