1. Cer0's Avatar
    Yea I planned on the 3G version because it was only 50$ more but I really don't need another data plan. So just gonna grab the wifi version.
    2011-06-09 04:02 AM
  2. ikesmasher's Avatar
    if i get it, same. I really hope its hackable, i loved the PSP 1000 for that reason
    2011-06-09 04:15 AM
  3. PathKiller29's Avatar
    hey Cer0 i know its off topic but if u could respond to my PM if the code worked that'd be great...
    i guess its not that off topic... its game related

    Yea I planned on the 3G version because it was only 50$ more but I really don't need another data plan. So just gonna grab the wifi version.
    2011-06-09 04:29 AM
  4. Cer0's Avatar
    Haven't tried it yet. Sorry. Been caught up in Dead Nation for some reason lol. If I remember I will try tonight when I get home.
    2011-06-09 06:55 AM
  5. diegopetrucci's Avatar
    You do know that the game tracks EVERYTHING for you and has an official site that shows you everything you have and everything you're missing? Even has maps and stuff


    Seriously. Everything.
    This is a super awesome feature! I'm looking forward to buy the game.
    2011-06-10 02:23 PM
  6. Cer0's Avatar
    Anyone play infamous 2 yet?

    Got platinum on LA Noire and Portal 2 last week.
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    2011-06-26 08:58 AM
  7. ar1b3nz's Avatar
    ^^^^^Sorry, I still stuck on Black Ops

    2011-06-26 03:21 PM
  8. PathKiller29's Avatar
    Yeah I played it
    2011-06-26 03:46 PM
  9. Cer0's Avatar
    Brink is a pain in the ***. The AI sucks, badly.

    How is Infamous 2?
    2011-06-27 06:21 AM
  10. PathKiller29's Avatar
    It's fun and intense
    Sad that they switched the voice actor though
    2011-06-27 06:44 AM
  11. Cer0's Avatar
    So was reading some stuff on brink and AI enhancments are coming in July with DLC. The DLC will be free for the first two weeks.
    2011-06-27 12:12 PM
  12. Cer0's Avatar
    In-Game - 1st Amendment beats ban in video game battle

    2011-06-28 02:04 AM
  13. glassJAw's Avatar
    Brink is a pain in the ***. The AI sucks, badly.

    How is Infamous 2?
    That's what the host of X Play was saying, that the AI is horrible.
    PS3 ID : glassJAw624 : add it
    2011-06-28 03:57 AM
  14. Cer0's Avatar
    They partially got better but there were many moments that you questioned their activities. The opposing AI was awesome. It moved in groups and worked together to breach areas to create shortcuts and get to the main objective.
    2011-06-28 04:04 AM
  15. glassJAw's Avatar
    I see says the blindman. I want to play more games, different titles but my girl gets so burnt when I play COD, I don't think she can take much more. :-/
    PS3 ID : glassJAw624 : add it
    2011-06-28 04:10 AM
  16. Cer0's Avatar
    My wife enjoys watching some of the games I play but has no interest in playing much herself. Like Portal 2 she wanted to watch the story.

    Generally when I play she will watch netflix or hulu on the iPad next to me and partially watch.

    Brink is 39$ at gamestop now and free DLC is set to release early July; free for the first two weeks. Your in my friend's list so feel free to drop in if you see me playing because I ahve it set to online and only friends and invites can join.
    2011-06-28 04:14 AM
  17. glassJAw's Avatar
    Ok cool deal. I think I've seen you playing crysis 2, if so would you say brink is a better purchase?
    PS3 ID : glassJAw624 : add it
    2011-06-28 04:17 AM
  18. Cer0's Avatar
    I didn't get much chance to play Crysis. Was ok but not fully my type of game I guess. Was to busy to play it fully so I sent it back in for Gamefly.

    Brink so far wasn't a horrible purchase for 39$. But I have only done half the "campaign" and only 1 class.

    Think it would be better playing with someone instead of the AI that makes you angry lol.
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    2011-06-28 04:40 AM
  19. glassJAw's Avatar
    Hmm I see. Maybe I can sneak it past my girl next weekend hehe. She sees video games as distractions, less time I'm focusing on her. But she is a makeup artist so as long as I can buy her some new eye shadows she will be distracted and not notice the game. Sad really...I don't even want to add all this MAC up.
    PS3 ID : glassJAw624 : add it
    2011-06-28 08:21 AM
  20. Cer0's Avatar
    The wife considers me being a gamer a good thing because she knows pretty much what I am doing and where I am at all times.

    True gamers are less likely to cheat because games occupy to much of our time already.

    Me and my wife work oppisite hours so I am playing mainly when she is asleep anyway. Weekends we set aside a few hours of just hanging out time. Which sometimes includes playing video games that she likes, so that is a win win for me.
    2011-06-28 08:28 AM
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