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    Soooo this question will be way off from the normal MMi questions... I post here because you are the largest collection of good minds to which I belong to your collective society.

    My wife and I have the same laptop, HP g50, she runs Vista and I run Windows 7. We use a d-Link wireless router connected to our landlords Cogeco Cable Modem. Our internet keeps crashing. Windows Network Connections cannot repair the issue on either her Vista or my 7 machines.

    MSN Messenger diagnosis and repair claims the error comes under "DNS Server" and (sometimes but not often) "Wireless". It is beginning to get annoying as it will crash on and off for an hour... then stop for the night. Then the next day it will happen all day long. Does not seem to be a specific time, or amount of time it happens for.

    If someone might give me some help either on how to correct this issues, or perhaps how to troubleshoot it and then correct it based on what I find? A quick explanation and perhaps a why would be a GREAT help too!
    2010-09-08 02:19 AM
  2. Cer0's Avatar
    Could it be an issue with the service provider? Have you tried hooking one of them directly to the cable modem?

    Was it always like this or did something change?
    2010-09-08 03:02 AM
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    Maybe you should call your service provider

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    2010-09-08 04:42 AM
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    wait wut
    2010-09-08 07:38 AM
  5. macsoldier's Avatar
    make sure you are not running your wireless and your Ethernet line sometime they will conflict with each other and you will get a local connection. You also may need to update your drivers to match your Modem. This is usually a good start to the process of problem solving.
    2010-09-14 11:47 PM