1. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Just checked out a few, they go for like 80+ bucks. Not bad
    2012-07-02 01:37 AM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Ya not that bad. I'm gonna git one soon enough
    2012-07-02 02:24 AM
  3. Cowboy's Avatar
    Why do you want one 2k?
    2012-07-02 02:46 AM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    Just like to collect them

    Want to git one of everyone one starting with that
    2012-07-02 02:48 AM
  5. Cowboy's Avatar
    Haha i do it with iPhones but not iPods way to many of those
    2012-07-02 02:48 AM
  6. 2k1's Avatar
    Ya I'm not gonna iPods just iPhone and maybe the touches
    2012-07-02 02:52 AM
  7. Cowboy's Avatar
    Cool cool.
    I really want to find me another great condition first gen iPhone but i can't ever seem to find one with box and all
    2012-07-02 02:55 AM
  8. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Can't you buy boxes off eBay?
    2012-07-02 02:57 AM
  9. 2k1's Avatar
    Can't you buy boxes off eBay?
    Ya i seen a couple with just boxes.
    2012-07-02 02:59 AM
  10. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yeah i guess but i really don't want to buy every little bit and piece.
    I want the box, cord, and the dock
    2012-07-02 03:00 AM
  11. 2k1's Avatar
    And you lookin for what? I'll keep an eye or for ya.
    2012-07-02 03:01 AM
  12. Cowboy's Avatar
    The shoot and match
    2012-07-02 03:02 AM
  13. 2k1's Avatar
    First gen eh? Phone box and all right?
    2012-07-02 03:04 AM
  14. Cowboy's Avatar
    2012-07-02 03:05 AM
  15. 2k1's Avatar
    Will be on a look out for ya

    How good of condition phone needs to be?
    2012-07-02 03:11 AM
  16. Cowboy's Avatar
    Screen needs to be good the back can be scratched and dinged just as long as everything works and the screen is good
    2012-07-02 03:13 AM
  17. 2k1's Avatar
    Ok will look around for ya
    2012-07-02 03:14 AM
  18. Cowboy's Avatar
    Thank ya
    2012-07-02 03:28 AM
  19. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Bro they sell left and right off eBay.

    Check twitter Logan
    Last edited by mmaboi21; 2012-07-02 at 04:26 AM.
    2012-07-02 04:21 AM
  20. Sp3m's Avatar
    I have only an old iPod Touch 2G. I'm poor
    Maybe some of you can lend me one of your long list of idevices.
    2012-07-02 09:56 PM
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