1. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    ok..so, I'm no programmer nor a coder, but i'm thinking...there has got to be codes in 1.1.1 that prevents the iphone from restoring with an older version of itunes..or a code that will prevent the phone from going back to 1.0.2.

    so..what if...someone could actually open the firmware and take a look at the files written in both 1.1.1 and 1.0.2...by putting them up side by side..files or programs or codes that are the same..then leave them alone..files or codes that updated for the new features of the iphone in 1.1.1 probably ok..leave that alone also...now left with files that has nothing to do with features, and these files are also arent on 1.0.2..could these files be the codes that are telling the phone not do anything with the old version of iTunes? or they be codes that prevent the phone from downgrading back to old firmware?

    From there..they could change rewrite that particular codes or just deleting them?

    Anyhow, i might be just dreaming here....but you'll never know.

    Just my 2cents.
    2007-09-29 11:45 AM