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    Hey all,

    Just getting back from Myrtle Beach a few hours ago and popping in for a bit before I get back to unpacking...long 16.5 hr drive and we ended up staying last night in W. Virginia to go to some brand name outlet thing in Grove City today.

    We were in Myrtle Beach for 2 weeks and had a great time (I was tempted to hit the AT&T store just to get the iPhone even though I can't use it yet in Canada). Two of my four daughters are in dance competitions and this year the event was in SC. The older one (14 yrs old) was awarded #1 dancer (over about 40 other girls from about 11yrs to upwards of 18yrs) for a solo that she did (tap and acapella to a David Brown tune, "Gotta Get Through This") along with 7 High Golds for some of her other dances and the younger one (7 yrs old) won 2 Gold medals for two of her troop dances.

    Anyways, this computer geek managed to get the provervial ya-never-get-outside-much-eh? sunburn on the first day on the beach but I'm recovering...

    Hope everyone is well and catch up with ya all when I get back into the groove.
    Wallpaper Freak
    2007-07-17 06:03 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Nice! Good to see ya out and aboot (yup, aboot, ya Canuck ), vacationing is fun. Looking forward to see some more wp's, and maybe skinning stuff too now, since we are working on skinning the iPhone.

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    2007-07-17 06:22 AM