1. masti2003's Avatar
    hi friends please please help i wnat to put some bling on my iphone well i want to put some movies or videos on my iphone but i dont want to pay to itunes well i dont want to download from itunes

    so if someone knows please let me know any site or forum to download ipod or iphone movies.

    i wil appriciate your help.

    2007-09-30 04:45 AM
  2. Dash-2's Avatar
    First, think about what you're going to type and make sure it makes sense.
    Second, sharing links is illegal so look else where.
    Third, Videora iPhone Converter is a great piece of software for converting movies for your iPhone. It has a tutorial in it on how to rip DVDs and convert them to mp4s. Check it out.
    2007-09-30 04:52 AM
  3. s2k's Avatar
    use handbrake check in the modding in windows section then
    the sticky guide. In there it shall provide links to programs and use your own dvd you own.

    Never use rented or borrowed movies because its illegal ;-)
    2007-09-30 05:25 AM