1. Phatmartino's Avatar
    Does this happen often?
    Search "startrees" - "all posts" for example.
    2011-06-11 07:32 PM
  2. Cer0's Avatar
    If you think something is funky or might be spam please hit the report button so staff can take a look directly at what you are talking about.
    2011-06-12 06:32 AM
  3. Stray's Avatar
    I'm the king of reporting
    2011-06-12 06:40 AM
  4. Phatmartino's Avatar
    Thanks for taking care of it despite my lack of interface knowledge. I do all interaction on device and actually haven't seen said report button. Is it somewhere while relpying, or in a pull down menu?

    I've noticed a few anomalies possibly just with my prefered browser (Atomic) such as the search feature being almost unusable because the "word verification" doesn't load most of the time.

    I doubt that this is the same but I did look around a little after reading your reply and didn't see it. If you could describe where exactly it should be and if there is a difference for an entire thread and individual post, I'd greatly appreciate it (not that I'm terribly interested in reporting people, just don't want to waste anyone's time again).

    2011-06-12 03:20 PM
  5. Stray's Avatar
    It is between the reply button and the blog this post button.
    2011-06-12 06:40 PM
  6. Phatmartino's Avatar
    Just a small icon for me at least, wouldn't have known. Thanks!
    (Feel free to delete this thread if deemed necessary)
    2011-06-13 07:33 AM