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  1. Zeal's Avatar
    Oh mah gawd11111!!!!!!
    2011-08-22 02:41 AM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Wish I could git one
    2011-08-22 03:03 AM
  3. Scoops98's Avatar
    Until the next time… And if I help you out, give me a "Thanks!" Thanks!
    2011-08-22 03:44 AM
  4. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    Getting one soon myself! Congrats!
    2011-08-23 12:52 AM
  5. Cer0's Avatar
    Chipotle paying the big dough now?

    Just playing with ya. Grats on the new machine. I wouldn't mind one but not on my list so far. First on list is time machine then Macbook Air.
    2011-08-26 03:58 AM
  6. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Congrats man! You'll get endless hours of entertainment!
    2011-08-26 04:11 AM
  7. Simon's Avatar
    2011-08-26 04:11 AM
  8. Zeal's Avatar
    hahai quit chipotle.c:

    Im trying toplay around with geektools...
    2011-08-29 05:38 AM
  9. Cer0's Avatar
    geektools is awesome.
    2011-08-30 02:41 AM
  10. Zeal's Avatar
    Anyone know any websites for super HD wallpapers?
    2011-08-30 04:04 AM
  11. whereswaldo's Avatar
    google images is your friend, just limit the search to your screen resolution and you get great ones
    Name? whereswaldo
    iDevice + Firmware? 32GB Black iPhone 4 iOS 5.0
    Computer + OS? Dell Inspiron 15R 2nd Gen i5, 2.3 Ghz, 750GB HDD, 8GB RAM Windows 7 HP
    Location? Toronto
    Found yet? No
    2011-08-30 04:19 PM
  12. iJasonTATE's Avatar
    Congratulations! I want one, but can't warrant the purchase. I'm perfectly happy with the computers I have
    iPhone 4S | MacBook Air
    2011-08-30 07:05 PM
  13. <(O)> Device's Avatar
    Nice congrats man! If anyone's looking for one I'm trying to get rid of one now
    2011-09-14 05:22 PM
  14. i.Annie's Avatar
    I love this atmosphere lol. Only at MMi can you get the same level of excitement from others as you feel yourself when purchasing a brand new Apple product haha. If I went and said to my friends look I got a new MBP! They'd be like "oooh, that's nice. Anyway ..."

    Congrats though!
    2011-09-24 12:40 AM
  15. Broomhead's Avatar
    I want one, I want one. I wonder how many times I can tell my wife that before she smacks me or gives in?
    Congrats on the new machine. You won't be disappointed
    2011-09-24 12:43 AM
  16. 2k1's Avatar
    Yes congrats. My wife won't let me git one well a new one at least
    2011-09-24 12:50 AM
  17. i.Annie's Avatar
    Whipped guys

    Save up a secret stash every week and buy it, tell your wives you won it at work in a lottery drawing
    2011-09-24 12:57 AM
  18. Broomhead's Avatar
    Whipped guys

    Save up a secret stash every week and buy it, tell your wives you won it at work in a lottery drawing
    Married 15 years now.... No secrets if I really want i,. I get it. But including her will get me 15 more
    2011-09-24 01:01 AM
  19. i.Annie's Avatar
    Aw, that's too cute!
    2011-09-24 01:02 AM
  20. Simon's Avatar
    2011-09-24 01:03 AM
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