1. hapanese's Avatar
    Hey all. I was wondering if you guys and gals wouldn't mind checking out my Flickr pics and critiquing them. Any and all comments, concerns and questions would be nice. I would just like to get an outside opinion on them. I already know I need an upgrade in the camera body and lenses but I'm still saving up! I will be adding photos when I have time. Enjoy and thank you!

    2011-10-03 05:57 AM
  2. jiniej's Avatar
    How eerie that Hyatt Hallway. Try BW on that one, you might find it much more fitting, perhaps take it down -1/3 stops in the process

    That may be too dark
    "foreign corporations > swedish law"
    2011-10-03 06:01 AM
  3. hapanese's Avatar
    I wish I could redo that shot. I go to ASU right now so all my Cali shooting spots are quite a ways away! Thanks for the insight as well. I'm always in need of criticism.
    2011-10-03 06:32 AM