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    Hello All ,

    Valiant Team here ,

    We found this site a while back and now felt to sign up ,

    I am a GFX Artist and for the moment I'm using an Old computer because my Laptop went and got broke , I was Sad Facing

    Just Wondering how Long it takes to become staff I've been Moderator on Lots of site and I can take up to about a Year or Year and a Half .

    That's if staff are needed so if an Admin or Moderator can PM me some Details that could be a great big Help

    Thanks and I'll see you all in the Forums
    2011-10-19 02:19 PM
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    Welcome to MMi
    Sorry to hear about your computer, I couldn't imagine using a PC... let alone an old one
    AS for becoming a Mod here, we only have one rule... Don't ask to be a mod, The only advice I can give you is. stay active, Help the noobs, keep cool and have a level head at all times. We will notice you.
    There is no timeline on how long it takes to become a mod.
    No need for me to PM you, my response will be the same
    Once again Welcome to MMi and we'll see you in the forums
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    2011-10-19 02:31 PM
  3. Valiant Team's Avatar
    Thanks For the Help , Appreciated
    2011-10-19 02:49 PM
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    Come on in! Have a seat! How about a coffee? Pepsi or Coke?

    Welcome to MMi!

    Broomy said it all!
    2011-10-22 08:39 PM
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    Welcome to MMi!
    2011-10-23 02:43 AM
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    Welcome to the site.
    2011-10-23 02:48 AM