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    A very sadistic individual has been uploading sick videos of themselves killing cats on Youtube.

    Anything you can do to help reveal their identity would be doing a major service to humanity and public decency.

    I don't frequent hacking forums - but I would ask that anyone who does, help by broadening the search to as many community members as possible.
    We are a force for good.

    Here's a link to the reporting UK news article : -

    Cat kill film No2 | The Sun |News

    Your help appreciated.

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    2011-12-05 09:04 AM
  2. Imahottguy's Avatar
    This is where many serial killers start at. When this guy gets tired of animals, what will he do? I wish I could help.. The police have tools that can at least get the IP which he used to upload the videos. If this person is smart, they would have used McDonalds free wifi. I hope they catch the bstard who is doing this to defenseless animals.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2011-12-05 05:07 PM