1. bklynjava's Avatar
    i like the larger logo, but the white doesn't really match the theme of the site.

    I am considering adding the color option though, (white or black.) and the larger logo for the white only.
    I think the white looks good and the shadow will stand out nicely giving depth to the Logo.
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    2008-03-26 05:09 AM
  2. playful_cyanide's Avatar
    I am working on a design for around $10-15 with the white t-shirts. These will have the option of a large or small logo (with a the bar on the small one). I am still debating if large logo's will have the back part too.
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    2008-03-26 05:18 AM
  3. Zeal's Avatar
    Does this come with a "Warning label" as in possible losing your manhood aswell and cock blockage? And or losing your wife/girlfriend? OR losing any cool rep.. Just wondering
    2008-03-26 05:46 AM
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