1. angel.tdw's Avatar
    i had submitted a paid theme in the repo, but got rejected for some reason,
    in the reply mail, the reason for rejection is left empty, so couldnt find out the
    exact reason for denial. even mailed kyle for the reason..but its been 2 days, but no reply.
    can any1 guide me as to y my package was rejected, adn wot changes would let the package
    go online????



    ts current form. The package may only need a few minor
    tweaks, or we may be unable to post at all.

    Here's our reasoning:

    The details for the package we're referring to are:

    Author Name: angel.tdw
    Email: [email protected]
    Package Name: Old Wood HD SBSettings Theme
    Package Version: 1.0
    Description: Inspired by Nature, colorful, clear yet simple SBSettings
    Theme. The most complete theme with 110+ toggles to support all your
    app needs. Compatable with all iDevices (3G, 3GS, i4, i4S, iTouch 3,
    iTouch 4, iPad 1, iPad 2). Suggestions and Requests for more icons are
    warmly welcome.

    Other releases:
    -> Old Wood HD for PowerCenter Pro
    -> Old Wood Notification Theme
    2012-02-29 06:24 AM