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    Netbook model: asus eeepc 1008HA

    I bought my netbook used from craigslist, it had windows 7 ultimate installed. I'm pretty sure the previous owner installed ultimate after purchase because netbooks usually have windows 7 starter.

    Anyway I cleaned it up to bare minimum but it still ran too slow for me so I decided to try and install XP from a USB stick.

    XP installation failed and now I've corrupted windows 7.
    Netbook boots to bios. When I try to install XP from the USB stick it says it's missing .hal and says to restart. I tried debug mode this didn't do anything...

    I think the way I'm formatting the usb is not working... but it doesn't have a cd drive and I never bought an external one so I don't have much of a choice

    Any help? I would really appreciate it.

    I'd even consider installing linux. I have a bootable USB for ubuntu but its simply too slow. I never tried installing the system itself though
    2012-04-04 04:30 AM
  2. ikesmasher's Avatar
    There might be a way to fix windows 7, if your having same problem as i was.
    Is your MBR corrupted? like what error do you get upon trying to boot 7?
    i kow thats not what your trying to do, but installing XP might be easier if you have another windows os to work with on it again.
    2012-04-04 04:59 AM
  3. Susty's Avatar
    What happens if you try to boot it into safe mode?
    2012-04-04 05:02 AM
  4. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    when i turn it on with no usb:
    bios loads then black screen saying: error loading operating system

    with usb:
    bios loads then this:
    select operating system to start:
    second part of xp prof. setup from hd 0 part 1
    try entries below if getting hal.dll/ ntoskrni.exe not found errors
    second part of xp prof setup yada yada
    for troubleshooting press f8

    if i press f8 and select safe mode it goes back to select operating system with a blue text saying safe mode and doesn't seem to change any thing when i select an option
    2012-04-04 05:55 AM
  5. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    well i tried to install ubuntu from the usb drive and it also failed. I think the netbook doesn't like usb drives for installing the operating system. im going to buy an external cd drive and see if that works.
    2012-04-04 11:55 PM
  6. Susty's Avatar
    What's the boot bios say for the notebook? Sometimes USB is given two different options in bios... One allows it to act like a cd would, the other doesn't... Which may explain the crash...
    2012-04-05 12:05 AM
  7. thunderwolf333's Avatar

    I was finally able to install windows without much help from this form unfortunately anyway thread is solved

    if anyone has the same problem here is what I did:
    use a good high speed flash drive, don't use something like a traveler flash drive that's smaller than usual

    1) Format flashdrive
    2) Created bootable ubuntu flashdrive
    3) Install ubuntu
    4) Boot from flashdrive and resize hard drive partitions, make windows partition NTFS
    4) Format flashdrive
    5) Create bootable xp flashdrive using WinSetupFromUSB
    Don’t do anything on computer while this is being done
    6) Changed boot type of hard drive to imf or something like that from acsi through bios
    7) Install windows
    Format NTFS partition using windows quick format once again NTFS
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    2012-04-05 02:34 AM