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    Earlier in the year I bought the winter 2007 issue of iPod Handbook with cd. ($10) I stuck it in the closet and now I am finally getting a chance to read through it.

    It had some good products and info in there so I figured I'd only buy it once so the steep price of $10 per mag didn't bother me too much. I wanted to post up one page explaining the CD that comes with it because it is useful to us as both iPod owners and iPhone owners alike. It has some VERY good iTunes tricks in there.

    The software included with this cd is a compilation of all the available software to make things easier. Some of it is for content management, some is for movie making or song conversion. It is divided into parts for both windows and MAC. Use the images below to get ideas on what to search for helping you get what you need.

    Check out the images below to get suggestions on what software can help you with your media for formatting videos, songs, or content management. This is very useful info for prepping your media for the iPhone.

    For people that don't have a lot of ideas on getting your media together this should be useful

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