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    hey guys.

    so i am interested in going for a job at my local apple store. in fact, there's 4 fairly close to me, so i better get it!

    i was hoping to get some tips, comments or suggestions, and ask a few questions from anyone who is currently or has been an employee at the apple store about the employment process. the specific position i am applying for is to be a 'genius', as they call it. so basically repair things that come in.

    first thing im curios about..

    i have done iphone and ipod repairs in the past, and especially am quite confident in taking apart iphones and doing things like colour conversions. would this be something to list in my resume or on my cover letter? or is this something to never mention? i could see listing this going both ways - in terms of how the hiring staff would see it:
    1) this guys great! less training to do. lets consider him a little higher than any other candidates. or;
    2) this bastard is opening up our products! its against store policy! we're all sheep here and never go against the flow. lets ditch him, not even consider him.

    also, i am a proud jailbreaker and have converted many of my friends. if i were asked about jailbreaking...if i knew of it and if i am one, in terms of the best possible chance to get the job, what would i say?

    anything from anyone (who actually knows what they're talking about ) would be absolutely fantastic. please give a fellow ModMyi-er a helping hand! thanks .
    2012-07-07 09:54 AM
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    HAve you worked in retail?

    Main thing is people skills. That includes in the interview also. This tip is for most jobs in general.

    I used to hire people for my job; not retail. Confidence is a noticeable thing too.
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    2012-07-07 10:00 AM
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    I read an article and apple wants your to have some experience but not an over abundance. They want to train you. So I wouldn't mention iPhone and iPod repairs. Apple looks for people with great personality and has common sense. So smile a lot and just be relaxed.
    2012-07-08 06:13 AM
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    Good luck...
    2012-07-12 06:18 AM