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  1. HeliPilot's Avatar
    Why do I love Apple?
    My Alienware laptop pushes Windows at an alarming rate, geek love to be sure.
    But, my iPad2 and iPhone4S are amazing little devices that have me enthralled in the art of hacking an OS that is truly beautiful. The iOS structure is elegant. While Windows is hackable, the feel is very mechanical.
    I don't want to love Apple, but the design, nuts, bolts and overall innards are just as beautiful as the hardware they a packaged in. Too bad for 90 percent of users that never get to see just how amazing Apple can be. Again, I don't want to love Apple but damn, as a geek, I'm falling.
    2012-08-09 12:56 PM
  2. mmaboi21's Avatar
    I think we've all been there... Come to the dark side
    2012-08-09 07:59 PM
  3. Cowboy's Avatar
    2012-08-13 01:09 AM
  4. HeliPilot's Avatar
    Imperial Death March playing in my mind!!
    I have already embraced Apple and will continue to hack and mod whatever their collective releases.

    Now, I must say that I am not brand loyal, I will hack any/every OS invented, heck I started with the Commodore VIC20 and have been knee deep ever since. But Apple seems to be much more elegant (as stated above) and easy to mod.

    Just sayin'. LOL
    2012-08-19 11:26 AM
  5. Zeal's Avatar
    What Apple has going for them that no other competitor has is the perfect combination of Form and Function

    2012-08-20 01:28 AM