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    (Edit: Sorry, I just noticed there is a sticky in this forum. General iPhone wasn't open for threads, I'm not looking to buy an iPhone on Sprint, Verizon or a CDMA network, it's not review or modding related so I still think this is the best place to post this thread. I hope that's reasonable from an inactive member...

    Edit again: I just read an older post stating that this forum is for everything but iOS-related-ish kind of discussions. I find that silly since there is no forum that deals with general questions on the iOS end, only News, reviews, mods, accessories etc.)


    Early 2010 I bought a third generation 8GB iPod Touch. The 32/64GB versions were supposedly "sightly faster" but since they were 1.5x more expensive I went with the 8GB version, which I later found out was a continued second generation iPod touch. Bottom line: I bought a device from 2008 in 2010 that as of the iOS 6 release and xCode update is incompatible with all new app releases as well as app updates. I haven't had an iOS update since 4.2.1 was released in early 2011 or something

    It puts me in a really tough position. I definitely want to upgrade to a new device. I don't need an iPhone (but kinda want), but to buy a new iPod Touch 5 feels like being cheap again and still means I'll occasionally have to carry both a phone and my iPod. As for the iPhone I'd prefer the 4S for its screen size, except I would never be able to adapt to the battery life as I currently have a phone that lasts 4-5 days on one full charge.

    So what should I do? The 4S is noticeably cheaper, plus I like the screen size. The 5 is sort of better built, but is to me unreasonably tall. The iPod Touch 5G would pull better battery life but I'd miss out on some performance and camera quality as well as not being able to phone/text.

    iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5?
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    2012-09-24 05:46 PM
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    iPhone 5 or 4S is the way to go. All 3 of them have good processors, but the iPhone is just better equipped and has more features. Plus, like you said, you won't need to carry around an iPod and a regular phone at the same time.

    Just my opinion.
    2012-09-24 10:58 PM
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    Well the 4s is cheaper and it appears that you would not like the screen size of the 5 so if this is the case then maybe the 4s would be a good choice for you?
    2012-10-03 04:07 PM