1. handymancan's Avatar
    OK so here goes... its a strange one which im sure you guys will love!

    I made the dumbest mistake ever of buying my girlfriend an iphone 4, not long before I was going to propose... ok so I'm in the forces and came back to find her in bed with another bloke! Sl*t... I feel ridiculous for this, but this phone is on contract (in my name). I wanted to cut all ties with her, and both get on with our lives... the phone was a present after all (and im the stupid one for buying it her)

    Ok so here's the deal. I'm in the UK... the phone was bought out on contract with Vodafone. After I left her for someone else... she went off the rails and smashed up my car (it goes on forever)... she started going over the allowance on the contract so I cancelled the sim and obv she bought a pay as you go vodafone sim blah blah.

    But after all she's done, I'm still paying for the 35 a month (2 facking year contract)

    What I want to know is.. If i ring Vodafone and blacklist the IMEI number, will the phone become useless to her (this is exactly what I want)... I mean I've heard of jailbreaking etc, if she had some tech expert fiddle with it, would he/she be able to jailbreak it and get past the IMEI block??

    I want the satisfaction of her not being able to use it whatsoever.... can you help a brother out? haha

    I look forward to any replies.. Many Thanks guys.

    2012-10-11 09:30 PM
  2. H4CK3R's Avatar
    You gave it to her as a gift. That wouldn't be right if you took it like that....

    It's your fault that you bought it for her in the end. That sucks that this all happened to you but retaliating is not going to accomplish you anything.
    2012-10-11 09:44 PM
  3. handymancan's Avatar
    Hacker... thanks for your input, and swift reply. I do understand from an outsiders point of view.. but trust me this girl has made my life hell.. violent towards my sister when Im on tour its goes on and on. Thanks for your opinion.

    Does anyone else have any knowledge on the actual question asked? Many Thanks.
    2012-10-11 09:52 PM
  4. Cer0's Avatar
    Once an IMEI is blocked I think only the owner of the account can unblock it. Some IMEI blocks are shared across carriers but for the most part the US does not share that so she could sell it to someone in US to be used on a network.

    But I have dealt with crazy before, first marraige wife pulled knife on me to try and stab me for no reason, but it comes best to just let things go and move on or get restraining order.

    It sucks the amount of women that do this to guys in the service. I have had it happen to two of my buddies in the service. They go to serve the country and the wives can't hold it in for that time and cheat. And these two guys were great people and sucks it happened to them. Their wives spent all the money they were making but not/counld't use and they come home to nothing and a cheating wife. Sorry man.
    2012-10-12 02:48 AM
  5. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    A girls perspective...

    You gave the phone as a gift, let her keep it.
    You didn't give the service, have the IMEI blocked, and if she wants to do something with it, make her work for it then, not your problem anymore or your responsibility. Girls can get crazy, but to be fair, it goes both ways. Anyway...
    Call your carrier and say something like "I lost this phone and would like to have it blocked", done.
    Lesson's learn the hard way are the most valuable.

    And, thank you for your service.
    2012-10-12 03:03 AM
  6. i.Annie's Avatar
    I personally think she shouldn't get to use the phone. If you smash up somebody's car 1) that's immature and 2) that's more expensive to fix than a phone. So yeah maybe a gift should remain a gift but she likely isn't planning on paying for the damage to the car. Well then call it even and block the phone from use. That's what I say.

    To answer the question, you block the IMEI and she will not be able to use the phone. Of course if like Cer0 said, she could always sell it.
    2012-10-12 03:39 AM
  7. TTGSteve's Avatar
    Get it blocked, man, and cut all ties.
    2012-10-13 09:49 AM