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    Allow me to be honest. iPhone 5 was such a letdown compared to all the other phones out there. Apple couldve done MUCH MUCH better. They are more than capable to add all these features and yet still have the battery life, and customers.

    iPhone 5S/6

    -iOS 7
    -Mission Control (iPhone 5/5S)
    -Dashboard Spotlight (iPhone 4S/5/5S)
    -Black Color Scheme (iPhone 4S/5/5S)
    -New unlock System
    -Face Unlock (iPhone 5/5S)
    -Photobooth (iPhone 4S/5/5S)
    -Live Icons (iPhone 4S/5/5S)
    -Improved Siri (iPhone 4S/5/5s)
    -Group Facetime (iPhone 5/5S)
    -Picture in Picture (iPhone 5/5S)


    -Better Battery
    -Apple A6/7 Chip (quad core)
    -2GB of RAm
    -Iris Display (most accurate colored screen)
    -1280 x 720
    -2 Megapixel Front camera
    -12+ Megapixel Camera
    -Manual Exposure/Focus (if possible)
    -Improved Siri
    -Artifical Intelligent Siri
    -Cortana from Halo like
    -Change Voices
    -Iris Unlock
    -Unlock by sensing familiar eyes (if possible)
    -Integrated Fingerprint Security
    -Biometric Sensor in display. (Apple had time to buy this company. they were too late but they shift their focus to suing companies)
    -Touch phones to share data between other iDevices
    -Mobile Payments

    Yes, Apple had challenges when creating the iPhone 5 but they couldve worked a bit longer, pushing the launch date to this spring. It was not very smart of Apple to release the iPad 4 in a short time period. And now they are thinking of releasing the 5S this Spring, 6 months after the iPhone 5?? A year and 7 month life for the iPhone 4S would have been sufficient. Launching in the spring wouldve made the 12 megapixel cam and fingerprint tech possible for March. But Apple is going to piss off many people if they release a new one 7 a half a year after the 5.
    Some of the features of the 5S may seem unrealistic but in terms of iOS, thats what Apple shouldve done. Dashboard allows widgets and customization, and Mission Control adds flavor.
    The Samsung Galaxy S3 is what the iPhone shouldve been. Innovative. Dont get me wrong, the iPhone changed the market forever but Samsung innovated a little bit more. The iPhone is much more capable on having Smart Stay like features, heck, even multi gesture controls. I agree with people when they said the iPhone took a step backward or stood still. The iPhone has more potential than the Galaxy but Apple is just.... not doing anything. I will always be an iPad and Mac user but if Apple doesnt impress me with iOS 7, not to mention iPhone 5S/6, then they lost me as an iPhone user.
    2012-11-23 04:09 PM
  2. Woejangles's Avatar
    2012-11-23 11:37 PM
  3. satt's Avatar
    I am also an iPhone fan since first generation but I just see the samsung note II and it was impresive, the possibility of having 2 apps open at same time is great, when we will see it on iphone?, I am really thinking in moving to Samsung, I am looking for a good reason to upgrade my iphone 4 to iphone 5 and not to samsung note II
    2012-12-03 07:22 AM
  4. ikesmasher's Avatar
    because a phone thats a phone isnt enough. The samsung note. Introducing a Tablet...thats a phone. Because we at samsung know you love to walk down the street holding a tablet to your face.
    2012-12-04 04:04 AM
  5. Simon's Avatar
    The note is way too big. I would just feel stupid holding that thing up to my ear.
    2012-12-04 04:25 AM
  6. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    It is comical to see someone using it for phone calls.

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2012-12-04 08:40 AM
  7. TTGSteve's Avatar
    Apple dropped the ball and that's quite obvious. The Note II, however, is pretty awesome. It may be big, but it's definitely awesome.
    2012-12-08 06:03 AM
  8. satt's Avatar
    I also think the Note 2 is big, but I insist in the option of having two app's open at the same time is great, but if you dont like the size of the Note 2, what about the Galaxy III, it is not too big but I think the size of the screen is very good, as I said I am an iphone fan I like the IOS a lot, but being honest it is te smallest screen size of the top ten smartphones nowadays...
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    2012-12-10 04:27 PM
  9. Woejangles's Avatar
    I love the feel/look of my iPhone don't really want a larger screen but 2 gs ram and a quadcore processor would be nice. And a battery that doesn't suck lol
    2012-12-10 07:56 PM
  10. TTGSteve's Avatar
    I hate the battery life of my iPhone. That's one thing that has always bothered me about it.
    2012-12-13 02:14 AM
  11. Fire5owe's Avatar
    Apple knows what they are doing, they are stringing along the masses. The iPhone is marketed to pretty much everyone. I love how simple and straight forward the OS is. Android is too complicated to do such simple things. I am so glad the jailbreak is out because without it I don't even feel like using it lol.
    2013-04-01 06:56 AM