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    I'm a huge fan of the original, so I definitely want to check out the sequel that just came out. In case there's any confusion, the original film was called: The Collector. I've been loaded down with work, so I haven't been able to make my way out to the theaters yet to check it out, but I'm definitely wanting to go as soon as possible. I'll probably watch "The Collector" again before I go, just so I can pump myself up a little bit.

    If you've seen it, please don't post any spoilers, but let me know what you thought of the movie. Also, I was wondering if there are any fans of the original film. I'm a big time horror movie fiend, so I'm always up for discussions about horror flicks. If you haven't seen the original, I would highly suggest checking it out. It's a really clever and suspenseful movie.

    2012-12-09 04:08 AM