1. Xx_Illusions_xX's Avatar
    I got a PS3 for Christmas. My tv is a Toshiba HDTV because it has the HD Tv channels. It's a medium sized Flatscreen HDTV. Well anyway when I played my PS3 today the graphics were awful. I know I must get an HDMI cord but where is best place to get one? I had an Xbox and I used an HDMI cord to get it to work.
    2012-12-25 09:22 PM
  2. PARADOX_v1's Avatar
    2012-12-25 11:02 PM
  3. Cer0's Avatar
    2012-12-26 10:16 AM
  4. Xx_Illusions_xX's Avatar
    Well I found an HDMI cord at home. PS3 looks amazing. Anyway who has GTa San Andreas for PS3 or mortal combat?
    2012-12-28 02:59 AM
  5. 2k1's Avatar
    Don't have either of them. Was playing me some madden the other night.
    2012-12-28 03:29 AM
  6. Xx_Illusions_xX's Avatar
    I'm new to PS3! What are other cool games on the PS3 store?
    2012-12-28 05:19 AM
  7. Cer0's Avatar
    What type of games do you like to play? Sports, rpg, jrpg, strategy, puzzle, ope world, Etc?
    2012-12-29 02:50 AM
  8. Xx_Illusions_xX's Avatar
    Well I was thinking about getting San Andreas but what is Play station home?
    2013-01-14 06:51 AM
  9. Cer0's Avatar
    It's like a social thing. Like Second life; if you know what that is.

    I used it twice in beta but never went back.
    2013-01-14 07:11 AM