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    So I'm a car guy and I was just thinking instead of creating an excel speadsheet to keep track of everything I've done to my car, why not look for an app that will keep track of everything for me. I've done a quick search in the app store and found several apps but I'm on a quest to find the ultimate car maintenance tracker app.

    What I'm looking for is an app that will allow me to keep track of not only when I get my oil changes at what mileage on what day, but other maintenance services as well (brakes, tires, rotations, when I've done misc mods, maybe even gas and how much, etc).

    What app do you use and what features does it have?
    2013-06-17 12:20 AM
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    2013-06-17 01:12 AM
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    That was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks super duper moderator!
    2013-06-18 05:39 AM
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    As a car guy, I highly recommend you try out Auto Care.

    I am extremely OCD about keeping track of what happens to my car, and Auto Care is simply the easiest to use and view your maintenance records.

    Everything is neatly organized and it even provides you with charts/graphs of your MPG and services.

    Check it out:

    PS: I am not the developer of the app, nor am spamming it, but I have tried most of the car apps in the appstore, so believe it when I say this is currently the best car app you can use
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    2013-06-18 06:00 AM