1. rat man407's Avatar
    Hi Guys
    I just got a brand new iphone and before i pluged it into the computer i downloads a fair few songs from itunes and now i plug it in and it tells me i have to restore

    So is there anyway i can backup all my music and app data without useing itunes ?

    and i was not sure where to put this so Modds please move if it's in the wrong area

    Cheers Ratman
    2013-08-12 06:38 AM
  2. TK4|2|1's Avatar
    iTunes will remember you have downloaded them, as long as you use the same iTunes id. When you open iTunes it should download them to your PC or Mac, with ever you have, so once you restore and sync it to your phone it should install them back onto it.
    2013-08-12 03:44 PM
  3. rat man407's Avatar
    the problem is i can't get itunes to connect to the store either so is there anyway to download them stright to the phone

    the reason i can't connect to the store is i'm on the work computer and i can't do it on my computer because i'm runing linux
    2013-08-13 01:11 AM