1. Lucid Dream's Avatar
    I have an iPod Touch 4G, running 6.1.3. iTunes detects my device, but Redsn0w does not. I used to have the problem to where when I would open the Redsn0w application, it would give me an error message saying that my iTunes library is incomplete, unable to load mobiledevice.dll. And certain operations like the A5 jailbreak is unavailable. I didn't worry about it so i just went on with how I was told from all the other youtube tutorials on jailbreaking with redsn0w. It wouldn't recognize the IPSW 6.0 that I was supposed to "trick" Redsn0w with, so I then downloaded mobiledevice.dll off the internet and put it in my redsno0w folder. I got a new error message saying that my iTunes library is incomplete. Unable to load required functions : AFCLinkPath and AMDeviceGetInterfaceType. I ignored this and did the jailbreaking process. This time Redsn0w recognized the IPSW and I went to enter DFU mode, but no. It wont detect DFU mode all because Redsn0w can't recognize my god damned iPod touch. I've WASTED 2 days trying to figure out why it won't recognize, but this is my last resort. Can someone, anybody, PLEASE HELP ME. I've seen posts where people tell me to put something into Apple Application Support... WELL when I go to my directory to find it, I do not have it. I have Windows 7, and iTunes version is the newest one that has been released.
    2013-11-24 06:42 PM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, for an iOS6 restore, you will need iTunes 11.0.x, not 11.1.x
    If Redsnow doesn't recognise your device, but iTunes does, I would do an iTunes backup and check with iFaith to see what SHSH blobs you have on Cydia and also try to pull the 6.1.3 blobs off your iPod with iFaith.
    Depending which blobs you have you may decide to restore to a clean state, restore from backup and then try Redsnow for jailbreaking. If Redsnow still doesn't recognise your iPod, Snowbreeze is another alternative you could try.
    2013-11-25 01:52 PM