1. Javion's Avatar
    Hi. I'm Javion. I've been lurking ModMyi for a while now and I've been interested in making an account. As I finally did it, I thought it was appropriate to introduce myself to the community.

    I'm not big on introductions.
    So that's it.

    Moderators, pardon me if this is in the correct thread if there even is a thread for the newcomers at all. I'm not experienced with using forums; I haven't been a member of one for years. If it's inappropriate to post Introductions on the forums, please message me and I'll delete the thread if you haven't already. Thank you. (:
    2014-01-21 10:20 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Welcome and enjoy.
    2014-01-21 10:47 PM