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    O.k I've been trying to make since of the swap tunes app lately, yea I know what's to make since of right but I go to the creators page and read

    "From now on, every time you run the SwapTunes app, it will switch to your other library, effectively allowing you to have two complete iTunes libraries on your iPhone and effortlessly swap between them. It will even keep any bookmarks you had on a video or audiobook before the swap and resume playing from where you left off.

    Just make sure to swap to the corresponding library before syncing to one of your computers. But don't worry, if you forget to do this, iTunes is smart enough not to override any data without your permission, even if you enable auto-sync. I found that iTunes actually automatically unchecks the music/videos/podcasts checkboxes when it does not recognize the library on the iPhone."

    now to me that somehow ment that once you've swapped the two libraries you wouldn't need to sync up with itunes to switch between them you could just activate the swaptunes app and it would switch between the two libraries on the iphone but sure enuff that wasen't the case if your not connected then the library basically gets archived to the phone clearing out you music library making it seem as if there is no music library so that itunes will allow you to sync to a new library, o.k here is where things get crazy so now my music library is now totalll wipped out i hook up to i tunes and it tunes goes directly to the dreded restore screen (ohhhhh kcuf is what i'm thinking)

    iphone shows up but either i set up a new account or restore that's it so I make an ingenious move (not really more nervous) and dragg all my songs from my itunes library to just the iphone and damn it worked music on the phone and that's from the restore menu (did anyone know that could be done) i'm running version but that's not it i unplug and to check and make sure the music library is there and yes it is part of it anyway because i ran out of room, remimber swaptunes doesn't get rid of your library it just archives it so the other library is still there, after hooking it up and seeing my music is there i (edkcuf around and hit the restore button by mistake so now i'm pissed because i know that i'm going to have to reinstall allmy apps one by one through appinstaller so i get to my pswrd screen enter it in after the restore and HOTT DAMN!!!!!!
    all my apps are still there unscaved in the same condition i left em in everything maybe this is a new discovery for me but I thought after a restore all the apps would be wipped out thought it might even be a new discovery. (tried to be as detailed as possiable in case it was. oh yea itunes version again iphone fiirmware 1.0.2 hopefully this means something
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    2007-10-05 12:56 AM
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    Cool thanks!!
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..
    2007-10-05 03:54 AM
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    nice deal
     Think Different
    2007-10-05 03:55 AM
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