1. nic0m0d's Avatar
    So with all this talk about how the new Facebook messaging app can take photos or view our calls or look at our text messages I am very suspicious whether the app can actually do those things. I'm wondering if anyone has proof of the app doing such things. I thought that apps that asked permission for things on your phone still needed human interaction I actually use the mic or cam. Thoughts? Let me know
    2014-08-19 05:19 PM
  2. SUFY's Avatar
    Where did you read this? I just downloaded the app yesterday since Facebook forced everyone to. Haven't read anything about the app acting on its own though.
    2014-08-22 03:56 AM
  3. nic0m0d's Avatar
    There's lots of news on it. I use it and I'm not too concerned but I am curious how much it can do.

    2014-08-22 03:39 PM