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    So guys, I just badly need to tell you about my last experience with

    On 13th of January I have ordered an item (vinyl record) and despite the fact that they have confirmed my order and put it into so called "advanced shipment" status, after 42 days of waiting the item is still not shipped. I have tried several times to get an explanation, chatted probably with 10 different agents, supervisors, so called concerned specialists, to no avail. No one was able to help me. I can't get the item, I can't cancel it, nothing....I can just wait and hope, that one day I will get the shipment confirmation. Of course, all of them told me, that they are pushing very hard and that this is probably the worst case they ever had.......apologizing ......... Well, all together a huge pile of crap

    An explanation I got at the beginning, from one of the supervisors was actually very interesting!
    When an item you want to buy is in limited stock, saying only a certain number is in stock and more are on the way, like for example here:
    that means, they will accept your order, but will not ship the item, before the new stock arrives.
    So, 42 days is a result so far and who knows for how long I will have to wait for new stock to arrive.
    Does anyone else has the same experience with Amazon?
    I am a vinyl freak and there are many excellent records on Amazon, but a majority of records is also in the same status (only a few left in stock) and I don't want to repeat this dreadful experience like with my present order.
    Also any advice you have would be appreciated. Thanks
    2017-02-25 07:18 PM
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    2017-02-25 07:26 PM
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    Spot on
    2017-02-25 07:28 PM
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    May be putting the Voodoo on myself by saying this. I have never had an issue ever with Amazon, and I spend a lot of money on their site.
    The explanation they are giving you makes no sense at all. Move up the ladder, get someone above the supervisor you spoke to.
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    2017-02-25 07:29 PM
  5. bbrks's Avatar
    Well, the last info I got was yesterday, from a so called "concerned specialist" (what a title ), saying that my order will be shipped by Monday. I still don't believe it, but OK, let's see what happens.
    I made couple of purchases before on Amazon also and never had a problem like this.
    Today is day 43!...and counting....
    2017-02-25 07:44 PM
  6. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Lets hope, feeling your pain my friend.
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    2017-02-25 07:45 PM