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    I still remember when I first jailbroke, back in July 2011. Has it really been that long?! It took until March of 2013 for me to actually join the community here at ModMyi, lurking around beforehand Ė the first thread I posted in was focusing on EndFinityís old Strife DreamBoard theme, if anyone still remembers it! That was also the first time Iíd written any public code, contributing a preferences pane for the theme.

    Since that point, many will know me for the tweaks Convergance and InfoStats, perhaps even for the Xen tweaks. In all honesty, I donít believe Iíd be where I am today without the support you have all given me for these; seriously, thank you, it has meant a lot to me over the years!

    I certainly canít imagine not being part of the jailbreak scene, but, all good things must come to an end. After 4 years of active development, itís time to move on for me Ė Iím officially retiring from writing tweaks. That isnít to say Iím leaving the community too; Iíll still be on the sidelines watching what you all create next, and am always happy to answer questions.

    Existing tweaks and support

    As of today, I will no longer be supporting my available works, with two exceptions. Extender: Reloaded will see one more update to fix a crashing issue, and I have been persuaded to update Xen HTML for iOS 11!

    Over the coming weeks and months, Iíll be slowly open sourcing the vast majority (if not all) of my works from over the years, and making the paid ones free. If anyone wants to take them up and continue working on them, feel free to!

    My repositories will remain available for the foreseeable future.

    Next steps

    In terms of where Iím going from here, building projects with hardware such as Arduino with my own software is extremely appealing; the first of these projects will be a DIY drone, and then a DIY smartwatch. Iím planning to be recording the build processes and such on video, and running a small YouTube channel for them. Iíll also be remaining active on Twitter.

    Again, thank you to everyone for the 6 years Iíve been jailbreaking; to the jailbreak teams, to the widget creators, to the theme designers, to the tweak developers, to the entire community. Itís been a damn good run!
    2017-10-14 06:27 PM
  2. jm26200's Avatar
    Hi Mat

    Thank u very much for all

    in this moment always iphone 7 ios 10.1.1 xenHTML V 0.3.7 for LS and SB but work with infosta1 and extrem:reload V 0.3.4

    Best regards Mat
    Iphone 7 Plus IOS 11.3.1
    2017-10-15 02:23 PM
  3. Dennis D. Bednarz's Avatar
    Good luck, Mat! Thanks for all your work!
    2017-10-15 05:57 PM
  4. The_Durben's Avatar
    And another one bites the dust. Cheers for your work my friend. Figured I’d come out of hiding to post a farewell and best of luck to you in anything you do going forward
    2017-10-16 08:09 PM