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    Forum Order Updated on 03/01/2008. Please re-read the forum order post to make sure you are posting in the right section.
    Especially those of you that have a ridiculous amount of posts and still can't figure out where to post, we are tired of moving your posts, infractions will be handed out if you continue to disrespect the forums.

    Welcome to ModMyI!!!

    In order to make you experience here the best it can be we have put together this short thread on things you need to know. Take a minute to read this thread to have the best experience possible on this site.

    If you have a problem and need help start by searching. Searching is the quickest way to find the answer to your question. If you still need to post your question use the correct forum. Posting in the correct forum makes helping members more eager to answer your question. If you post in the wrong forum your question will probably be ignored.

    We do not allow SPAM of any sort. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our SPAM policy. It is a no tolerance rule and any SPAM will result in removal with no notice.

    We do not allow warez, and we also don't like flaming, profanity, or Rated "R" content.
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    Our forums search works. Probably the quickest way to find the answer to any question is to search. No matter how crazy you think your question or problem is there is a 99% chance that it has already been answered.

    Searching only takes a minute, where posting a question that has already been answered you may be waiting hours for someone to answer you, or if it is a question that tons of people have asked before the helpful members may ignore your question completely.

    Help us keep the forums filled with good information instead of copies of the same question by using the search feature first.
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    Post in the Correct Forum

    If you take a moment to read this list and post in the correct forum your question will be answered more quickly. Posting in the correct forum gives the staff more time to answer questions, makes it easier for other users to find the answers to their questions, and increases the likelihood that your question will be answered quickly


    Chit Chat
    This forum is for random chit chat about topics that don't have anything to do with the iPhone and the iPod Touch

    Accessory Review
    Talk about iPhone accessories here.

    This forum is for the latest iPhone news. To submit news please pm cash7c3 or poetic_folly.

    Buy | Sell | Trade
    Pretty self explanatory. Rules of the b/s/t are posted here.

    Wiki Discussions
    Our Wiki / Guides section has a lot of helpful guides and information. Clicking on the discussion link on any page in the wiki will that you to a thread in this forum dedicated to discussion about that page / guide.

    3rd Party Apps For iPhone | iPod Touch

    Native iPhone App Launches
    [/COLOR][/COLOR]Post new native apps in this forum. Also post updates to apps in this forum.

    Native iPhone App Discussion
    Need help using an app? Have questions and comments about an app? Post in this forum.

    3rd Party Apps Requests
    Request apps here.

    iPhone / iPod Touch SDK | Development Discussion
    This forum is for the discussion on development and creation of apps for the iPhone / iPod Touch. Both Web Apps and Native Apps.

    Web Apps
    This forum is for discussion and releases of 3rd party web apps. These are apps that run in Safari on your iPhone, and require an internet connection.

    Design and Media For the iPhone / iPod Touch

    New Skins / Themes Launches
    Have you created a full icon set or iPhone theme that you'd like to share with the community? Post and discuss you work here.

    Skin / Theme Discussion
    Use this forum to discuss the creation of themes, and the file locations of different icons on the phone. Any questions graphics related here.

    This forum is for discussion about media on the iPhone. Ringtones, movies, music, pictures, and more.

    Wallpaper Gallery
    Check out and share wallpapers for the iPhone and iPod Touch


    IPOD TOUCH General Chat
    Have and iPod Touch? Ask away! NO IPHONE QUESTIONS

    IPOD TOUCH | Jailbreak / Upgrade / Downgrade / Restore
    Need some help with jailbreaking your iPod Touch? Is your iPod Touch no longer working and you need to restore it? This is the forum for you! NO IPHONE QUESTIONS


    General iPhone Chat
    Post any iPhone topic that does not belong in any other forum.

    File Mods
    File mods can accomplish many things including raising the volume, changing vibration patterns, changing the language, and more. Post file mods and questions here.

    Jailbreaking / Downgrading / Upgrading
    Jailbreaking is freeing your phone so you can modify it. Downgrading is to switch to a older firmware version. Upgrading is to load a newer firmware on. Restoring is reinstalling the OS on your iphone. This forum is for those four topics.

    Unlocking / Activation
    Unlocking frees your phone for use on another carrier besides AT&T. Activation allows your phone to be recognized and sync to your iTunes. Also a good place for activating YouTube in unlocked forums, etc.

    iPhone Linux
    Discussion of the iPhone Linux Project[/SIZE]

    Other Carriers (Not AT&T or T-Mobile)
    For discussion about getting your iphone running on networks that are not AT&T or T-Mobile.

    Getting your iPhone running, and any other discussion t-mobile related.

    Anything iPhone and AT&T related.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Computer Modding Software

    OS Apps and Development
    All discussion about the development of computer side apps here. Also a good place to post the newest OS app releases.

    Modding in OSX
    If you are having trouble using a OS X program to mod your phone post here. This forum is only for questions about using OS X programs.

    Modding in Windows
    If you are having trouble using a Windows program to mod your phone post here. This forum is only for questions about using Windows programs.
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    What is spam? Spam is the posting of advertisements for any category of sites.
    I don't join your site and just post links to mine. Return the Courtesy.

    Post Spam

    Any threads posted selling things that are not in our Buy | Sell | Trade forum are spam and the user will be banned.

    Making a post that is just a link is considered spam. If someone asks a question and your response is just a link, it will be considered spam and you will be removed from this site.

    Just making posts to promote your site = spam = goodbye.

    What should you do? You should post some helpful content in your post answering the person's question and then give a link to wherever you found the answer (assuming the answer wasn't from modmyi ) to give credit where it is due.

    Simple Rule. Posting content and then the source link = just fine. Posting a link, not posting content = spammer.

    Signature Spam

    To this point we have been fairly lenient in allowing people to use their signatures to promote themselves. This will no longer be allowed.

    Why? I have gotten an increasing number of complaints from members about signature SPAM. I have noticed more and more people joining this site to put their banner in their signature, and then posting really useless crap all over the site. It has come to my attention that a few members are actually being paid to post (mostly useless crap) with the banner of some site in their signature.

    My conclusion? Allowing members to use their sigs to promote themselves and whatever site they have linked in their sig leads to a lot of worthless posts that we don't want here and also irritates other members.

    For these reasons these spamy sigs will no longer be allowed here with an exception:

    Donation links all over the place including sigs are also considered spam that are not welcome here.

    Developers are welcome to link to their site which describes their web app, native app, or computer based app.

    Everyone else may no longer use their signatures to spam, however we will be happy to do a links exchange.

    I will be enforcing this rule 48 hours from this post at which point I expect the signature spam to already be removed. If I see any signature spam from that point forward I will remove it without discussion. If anyone puts back what I remove they will be removed from this site.
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    We do not allow any warez on our boards. Warez includes cracked programs that are supposed to be paid for, bios files for game emulators, games that you have to buy like NES roms, and illegal software.

    Warez posts will be removed as well as the posting user. Do NOT beg for warez on our forums.
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    Other Forum Rules

    Do not insult other members. We understand about giving others a bit of a hard time and joking, but if it gets out of hand, you will be banned.

    No profanity. If you aren't mature enough to express yourself without profanity, you don't belong here.

    No "Rated-R." PG-13 content is as naughty as is allowed here. Come on, kids read these forums.
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    Content Ownership

    A.K.A copyright. This is how we view graphical material on our site. Mostly pertaining to theme creation, do not steal images from another author. If you want to use someone's images, ideas and/or anything else than get permission from the originating author first. Also, credits must be given to that author with any release of content.

    Any failure to comply will be removed.
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