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    customer left for repair and never came back. phone number they left is bad. reached selling limit on ebay this month ...any offers?
    2013-07-04 09:11 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    FYI; these rules must be met or thread will be deleted.

    1) All posts must include pictures which include your username. This is a safety precaution for the person who is buying the product.

    2) Be as descriptive as possible. Nothing I hate more then receiving something which I though was in good condition but ended up being junk.

    3) A set price must be posted, there is no best offers or bidding.

    Pictures. You MUST post at least one picture of your item in the thread. If you need hosting, ImageShack works great. Make sure any flaws or problems are documented here BEFORE shipping or selling.
    Proof. All pictures need to have your user name on a piece of paper clearly visible in the photo.
    Price. You MUST list a price or what you are looking for in trade in your first post. Any thread without a price will be deleted immediately.
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    2013-07-04 09:31 PM
  3. 2k1's Avatar
    Wrong thread and all I say bye bye to it.
    2013-07-04 09:52 PM
  4. Bo Troxell's Avatar
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    2013-07-04 11:53 PM