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    I'm selling my MacBook Pro unibody 13 inch Intel Core i7 2.70 GHz 16GB Ram / 500 GB Running OSX Mountain Lion, but I can install snow leopard and or lion if you'd like. And setup a bootcamp windows 7 for you. For $1200, its priced at $1400 almost $1500 according to mac2sell, amazon and ebay. Selling it because I don't need it anymore, its in good condition but theres a few scratches on top that aren't noticeable unless you really take a good look at it and the bottom of the laptop is scratched up with 2 bumps/dents in it not really noticeable either. The laptop still runs amazingly like its brand new. Text me at 973-405-4145 Only serious buyers or pm me if you'd like which ever works for you.
    Will provide pictures if you ask.

    And I'm aware of my low post, I had an old account under the name Prox but can't remember my info for that, helped people around. But that was around 4 years ago or so. As I said I will provide pictures and proof of this bein legit. Just really trying to sell it, In a tight spot with money and need to do what I have to do.

    And just call me by first name Chris/Christopher.
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    bump, price down to $1000
    2013-08-31 09:18 PM