• Weekly Tweak Recap Feb. 11 - Feb. 17

    In case you've missed out on the new jailbreak tweaks Cydia has seen, this recap will highlight the tweaks we've shown you this week. These are in no specific order.

    1. LivelyIcons – $1.99 ($1 Goes to Fight Pediatric Cancer)

    LivelyIcons will animate your home screen application icons when you tap on them to launch applications. It comes with options to set the animation you want, as well as the animation speed you want. When you buy this tweak, half of the money will be donated to two separate foundations focused on pediatric cancer research. So not only do you get to customize your device, but you donate to a good cause too!

    2. Sara Dictation Keyboard – FREE

    Sara Dictation Keyboard is a new free jailbreak tweak that will put a voice dictation feature on the keyboard of devices that don’t have Siri or Siri dictation capability. It doesn’t look as pretty as Siri dictation, but it gets the job done. It’s great how it tries to reproduce a microphone key on the keyboard, because it looks stock. It does a pretty good job of recognizing what you’re saying too. You shouldn’t install this tweak on devices that have Siri dictation enabled on them already to avoid glitches.

    3. Tap to Note and Tap to Remind – 99˘ Each

    Tap to Note and Tap to Remind are two great widgets for Notification Center that work together to allow the user to make a quick note or a quick reminder right from Notification Center. The widgets look stock, as they have similar qualities to the iOS 6 share widget. The share sheets that appear for the applications after tapping on the widget buttons resemble the applications themselves. Overall, the widgets are very well done and they work great!

    4. Unpower – FREE

    Unpower is a new free jailbreak tweak that plays the plug-in chime in reverse when you unplug your iOS device. It’s a neat little mod that offers some nice feedback from your iOS device.

    5. PowerMusic MiniPlayer – $1

    PowerMusic MiniPlayer is a new jailbreak tweak that adds additional music features to iOS. It will add a widget to Notification Center with music controls and an album browser, as well as add that same widget to the lock screen without the music controls. From the lock screen, you’ll be able to take advantage of gestures to control your device’s volume and control the music. The widget allows you to browse through your albums and find the song you want to play easily.

    6. AirFloat – FREE

    AirFloat is a new application that lets you use one of your iOS devices as an AirPlay receiver. You’ll be able to start this application up on the device you want to use as an AirPlay receiver, and then you’ll be able to find the device in the AirPlay list of another device that you want to stream from. It’s an interesting little trick you can use to get music playing from one device to another.

    7. Kamera – FREE

    Kamera is a new widget that adds a front-facing camera shortcut and a rear-facing camera shortcut to your Notification Center. It’s a great widget because it makes it possible for you to immediately load up one camera or the other, rather than having to pick when the camera interface loads up. The widget buttons look pretty cool too!

    8. RingerX Lite – FREE

    RingerX Lite is the free version of RingerX VIP, which allows you to customize the notification settings of up to 3 separate contacts. You will also be able to set custom ring and vibration settings for blocked callers. For additional features, and no limits on the amount of contacts you can customize, check out RingerX VIP instead!

    9. InfinityTask – $2.49

    InfinityTask will give your multitasking needs a gift. It eliminates the 10-minute timer on applications running on the background. In addition, you’ll be able to copy links to your clipboard, and they will be automatically rendered in either Mobile Safari or Google Chrome in the background without ever needing to open the Web browser. The tweak will even inform you via notification when the Web pages finishes rendering.

    10. Enable Copy text in Facebook – FREE

    Enable Copy text in Facebook will allow you to finally copy text that appears in your Facebook timeline. You will get a notification after the text has been stored in your clipboard and you can then paste it elsewhere.

    11. AirplaneScheduler – $1.49

    AirplaneScheduler will allow you to set timed sessions for enabling and disabling Airplane Mode automatically. You can set more than one session at once, which is more than Apple can say for Do Not Disturb, and at the same time, you’ll save battery life because of the disabled radios. This is great for night-by-night usage.

    12. CountdownCenter – FREE

    CountdownCenter is a Notification Center widget that can count down to a specified date right down to the second. You can set the special date from the Settings application, and the time will update in real time before your eyes after you set the date. It's great for Birthdays and holidays!

    13. FastForward – FREE

    FastForward will allow you to set the speed at which you want to watch videos. It works great for packing more video content into your head in less time without having to skip over important parts. It works very similarly to speeding up iTunes U lectures to 1.5x, although it works for iOS videos, YouTube videos, and many other video types.

    14. NowPlaying on Status Bar – FREE

    NowPlaying on Status Bar will strobe the Status Bar with the song you’re playing, the artist of the song, and the time. It is a nice free tweak for those of you that enjoy listening to music and want to know what music you’re listening to in any application where the status bar is visible. The speed of the strobing isn't too fast that you can't read what's going on, and it's not too slow that you will get annoyed by not seeing the time at a first glance.

    15. SwitcherAnimation – FREE

    SwitcherAnimation will change the animation that you see when you switch between applications in the App Switcher to a fading animation rather than a card-switching animation. It’s a simple mod; some might like it, and some might not.

    16. LLBiPT5 – FREE

    LLBiPT5 is a new jailbreak tweak that enables the Low Light Boost mode on the iPod touch 5G’s camera. The iPod touch 5G is capable of the currently iPhone 5-only feature, however Apple has it disabled by default. Use this tweak to enable the feature and take control over your own device!

    17. Still Capture Enabler – FREE

    Still Capture Enabler is a new jailbreak tweak that enables the still image mode on the iPod touch 5G’s camera while recording video. The iPod touch 5G is capable of the currently iPhone 5-only feature, however Apple has it disabled by default. Use this tweak to enable the feature and take control over your own device!

    18. Music Controls Pro 6.0+ – $3.99 While in Beta, (Usually $5.99)

    Music Controls Pro 6.0+ has just been released in beta for iOS 6, and allows for greater control over your music no matter where you are in iOS. From the lock screen you’ll be able to take advantage of gestures to control your device volume and music. From the App Switcher, you’ll be able to take advantage of a useful music interface that shows the currently playing music with control buttons and be able to adjust volume or brightness. From Notification Center, you’ll find a useful widget that shows music information and you’ll be able to control the music and adjust your volume and brightness. Music Controls Pro 6.0+ comes with many other miscellaneous features, and many more will come as it comes out of beta! Highly recommended tweak for those of you that love music on your iOS devices.

    19. Remote Messages 2 – $2.50 for Next 24 Hours, Will Be $4.99 Again Soon

    Remote Messages 2.0 brings iOS 6 support to the popular Remote Messages application. With it, you can send text messages and iMessages from your computer’s Web browser. The tweak uses your Wi-Fi connection (both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network) to keep your iOS device and Web browser in sync with each other in terms of messages. You can send files and smileys through Remote Messages also! Remote Messages is a great alternative to Messages for Mac users, and a great way to text message from the computer on Windows machines. The Web browser shows important information about your device, including signal strength, Wi-Fi strength, and battery level. Check it out!

    Stay tuned for next week's Weekly Tweak Recap - only on ModMyi!

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    1. altoiddealer's Avatar
      altoiddealer -
      AssistantLove! <3

      Lots of awesome tweaks this week

      *Edit* Forgot that's just an updated tweak not a new one heh
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by altoiddealer View Post
      is great!
    1. nicoand's Avatar
      nicoand -
      any news on gridlock i hate iblanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    1. fircic's Avatar
      fircic -
      multifl0w we need multifl0w!!!!!!!!!
    1. inurse's Avatar
      inurse -
      same @nicoand! I miss gridlock
    1. hoekapika's Avatar
      hoekapika -
      Quote Originally Posted by nicoand View Post
      any news on gridlock i hate iblanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      We need gridlock please
    1. severe's Avatar
      severe -
      Quote Originally Posted by fircic View Post
      multifl0w we need multifl0w!!!!!!!!!
      I concur.
    1. Jokadaking's Avatar
      Jokadaking -
      Need 360Mobilesafe bad. Come back to me!!!!!!!
    1. wipeoutxxl's Avatar
      wipeoutxxl -
      ..... BEST TWEAK EVER!!!!.... No longer need a MacBook to keep on touch with everyone, this does it all
    1. Lysias55's Avatar
      Lysias55 -
      Why hasn't Spotlock been mentioned? It's finally been updated to work with iOS 6.x.x. It's an awesome tweak that takes away spotlight search and replaces it with a swipe to lock feature. Check it out, if you want a easier way to lock your iDevice
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