• Will Apple Release a 7-inch iPad This Year?

    The rumors wonít stop flying about smaller Apple products coming out before the end of the year. First, the rumor of an 11.6-inch MacBook Air surfaced, now it would seem Apple is readying a 7-inch iPad. It is said to resemble the current iPhone 4 more than the current iPad model. Itís unclear if this new iOS device will carry the iPad or iPod brand name, but it may just end up being an oversized iPod Touch. Apple is also said to be working on the second-generation iPad, but it is not expected until next year.

    Apparently, there are at least five different prototypes floating around to protect Apple from any more leaks to the press. Apple doesnít want another iPhone 4-like fiasco again. A finished product is said to be complete, however, and ready to be released. If speculation is correct, it would make sense for Apple to release a smaller iPad device in time for the holidays.

    Facetime is another feature sure to be included in a new iPad model, as Apple is currently pushing the technology to become the standard for video conferencing. The larger screen would be a welcomed improvement when having a face-to-face conversation.

    I for one would welcome a smaller 7-inch iPad, the current model is elegant but a little on the heavy side for my taste. A smaller, lighter model would be a great addition to the iOS family. I cant help but wonder what Apple will shrink next, if the iPod nano gets any smaller they will have to call it the iPod sub-nuclear particle.

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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