• iOS 4.2 Has iPad Tethering Option... Outside the US

    A developer in Europe has found the first indication that iPads running iOS 4.2 will be able to tether. Another user in the UK also sees the "Internet Tethering" configuration option in the Cellular Data Settings pane, but the option is still unavailable on iPads running the 4.2 beta in the US. In all likelihood, the feature will support wired tethering, rather than mobile-to-mobile "hotspot" tethering la MyWi.

    Acording to 9to5Mac, a dev in Sweden who was running iOS 4.2 beta 2 on the 3 Sverige network noticed an "Internet Tethering" section of the APN Settings pane under Settings: Cellular Data. The section asks for the APN, username and password separate from the cellular carrier data network access credentials.

    Interestingly, though, the option doesn't appear on iPads in the US, indicating that it's region- or carrier-specific. AT&T may not be willing to add a tethering option to its relatively low-cost iPad data plans, or Apple may simply have hoped to test the feature in a lower-profile location. If so, they didn't count on the attentiveness of Swedish users, or their talkativeness.

    When asked directly back in March by Swedish DJ "Jezper S" if the WiFi iPad will support iPhone tethering, Steve Jobs responded with a flat "no." This latest news, of course, talks about tethering in the other direction, but it still seems unlikely Apple will support using the iPad's WiFi chip as a hotspot.

    Source: 9to5Mac, image via Paul Grave
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