• Pulse 2.0 Updated for iPad

    Alphonso Labs has just release an updated version of Pulse for the iPad (currently $1.99). This update addresses some of the issues users had with earlier versions of the app. The total number of news feeds is now up to 60, and users can now have 12 news feeds on a single page. The visually pleasing nature of Pulse makes it easy to digest large amounts of news quite easily.

    The Pulse app allows users to organize stories to suit their own particular tastes and interests. Users can organize any content they want, flipping through stories to see whatís happening anywhere in the world. Organizing pages has been improved as well. Users can have up to five pages of content using tabs that can be organized and named. Stories can also be dragged around to view in any order. Other features include the ability to read stories offline when no internet connection is available and there is a new section that helps users find more sources of content dubbed, Pulse Bazaar.

    At a recent press event, Steve Job showed off the Pulse app on stage. With so many news apps readily available in the App Store, itís remarkable that any app can set itself apart and gain this much recognition. Pulse was pulled from the App store, however, because of a content dispute, but it quickly reappeared and has been a huge hit ever since.

    What really makes Pulse stand out though, is its presentation of the news. With its enhanced performance and so much news to choose from on a single page, competing news apps will have to keep up or get left in the dust. Itís nice to know that a couple of guys in college can still start off small and make it big. Didnít Apple start out sort of like this?

    Source: TechCrunch
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